The Benefits of a Story in an English Course Book

Publié le 4 Juin 2017

Too many teachers today touch and go material supposedly suitable for teaching English and languages... most of it irrelevant in content, objectives and level...

To learn well our brain needs to find a logic in the approach applied... for want of which it systematically discards most -if not all- of what it is fed... 

All this wasting good time and money for both teachers and students...

A story in a course book offers many benefits... not only does it give body and logic to the learning but it also supplies all the language the students would learn if the they were learning English as a mother tongue... which always works...

a story also help the teacher give body and raise interest in the subject... lightening the load of learning with the entertainment approach of the story... and the students feel less stressed and tired... the entertaining approach works every time... the students pay more attention to what's going on... and even venture to to speculate on the outcome of the plot... providing all the more commitment ! 


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