Master May I ?

Publié le 17 Septembre 2022

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Alyssa K is the “It” girl in town, loving her life as a successful erotica author and BDSM enthusiast. She says yes to life and all it has to offer, never afraid to see what happens next. Darrius is the town’s playboy sheriff, a lifestyle dominant and confirmed bachelor with a perpetually empty jail at his disposal. He's never short of adventuresome sex partners who want to walk on the wild side. The paths of Alyssa and Darrius were bound to cross eventually, but neither would have guessed that the impetus for that meeting would come in the form of a suicide attempt. When the town's resident angry drunk rolls her wheelchair into traffic, Alyssa saves her life…against the woman’s will. Fascinated by her anger at being rescued, and the woman herself, Alyssa quickly goes into reporter mode but Darrius blocks her at every turn, a state of affairs neither finds themselves minding whatsoever. Darrius has been thinking about something more serious and, as she tumbles down a whole new rabbit hole, Alyssa finds herself wondering if she might not be ready for something more meaningful as well. The real question is what sort of relationship, and with whom?
Alyssa soon learns that there are different forms of love, the raw, physical earthly kind and the deeper, more spiritual type. The one could easily be found with the delightfully obstinate sheriff if she's willing to give up all her other playmates. The other may be hidden deep within the life she saved…if she can break through the walls of rage and regret. Torn between two very powerful, very different lovers and lost in a sea of secrets, Alyssa finds herself pushed to the limit. She thought she knew everything there was to know about kinky sex, but when true feelings enter the picture she learns that she's only begun to scratch the surface. She's submitted her body and mind to many, but now she must submit the most precious part of herself to the whims of fate. Is she destined for happiness or heartbreak? The answer is buried deep in the secrets of the masters. Will they let her find it before it’s too late?
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Rédigé par Jesse CRAIGNOU

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