Hard Drive

Publié le 30 Mars 2023

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A collection of stories spiced with sexual implants, android lust, chrome-plated cyborgs, smartplastic toys, cybernetic wet dreams, and neurotrophic aphrodisiacs...
With The Bachelor Machine, M.Christian set the gold standard for erotic science fiction: stories that pushed the absolute limits of both outrageous sex and fantastic technology.
His follow-up collection, Skin Effect, raised it even further: a book that Publisher's Weekly praised as "Future technology's ability to alter the very nature of our humanity-and the ways those changes interact with sex-shapes this solid collection of futuristic stories from erotica author M.Christian."
Now M.Christian has personally selected his favorite stories from The Bachelor Machine, Skin Effect, and his other erotica collections to create the ultimate celebration of sexually-explicit cyberpunk science fiction: Hard Drive.
With a special introduction by science fiction legend Arthur Byron Cover, Hard Drive is an audiobook that will take you to the outer reaches of BDSM, gay, lesbian, and straight sexuality in the near and far future: worlds of brilliant imagination, relentless passion, and supernova heat!
The stories in Hard Drive include:
  • Prêt-À-Porter
  • Hack Work
  • State
  • Technophile
  • [Title Forgotten]
  • The Bell House Invitation
  • Happy Birthday
  • Utter West
  • The Bachelor Machine
  • Hot Definition
  • A Kiss Goodnight
  • Everything but The Smell of Lilies
  • The Hope of Cinnamon
  • Subsequent State
And concluding with a special essay by M.Christian, *The Future Can Be Evenly Distributed...If We Want It To Be *from Mondo2000!
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Rédigé par Jesse CRAIGNOU

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