Using Stories in Teaching English

Publié le 28 Mai 2016

Stories are more often than not overlooked in the teaching of English... and when used in lessons and courses are often misused... sadly...

Let's first remember that a story, to be effectively used int a course or lesson, needs to suit the level the English teacher is teaching... and needs to be relevant... and properly introduced... so it entertains as well as illustrates and promotes the leaning...
Stories for stories' sake is entertainment... not teaching... and the same goes with films... and songs... those will be forgotten no sooner the teacher walks out the door...

I use one of my stories Fedelma, Green With Envy or Forty Braves, etc... to illustrate such points are Written and Oral Comprehension and Expression, story or presentation development, for language as much as for grammar... and students really en joy it !
people love stories and being told a good story...

What's more those stories may be supplemented with audio support and audiobooks ! Thus the accent of the reader or teller may be different... and the story may be listened times and times again !


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