Spinster Stories - Safety First

Publié le 22 Mai 2016

Riding a suburban train into Paris after the Nov 13 attacks was more than a challenge…

Of course security was intended to be at its best if late… but people were trying their utmost… and sitting on a train next to a seat occupied by a big bag from a big burger place… all swollen I imagined with empty packaging… and another guy sitting on the other side of that ‘empty’ seat… playing on his smartphone… we suddenly were asked to get off the train at the next station… as an unattended bag had been left on a train and security would have to check it to make sure that was no danger for travellers… all peeved we alighted the train… dropping us off and leaving… hoping it wouldn’t be too long before traffic resumed and we were picked up again to reach our final destination…

The empty train left and I stood there on the platform… thinking about that ‘empty’ burger bag…


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Rédigé par Jesse CRAIGNOU

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