Spinster Stories - Woe Royal Me

Publié le 13 Février 2016

As far back as I can remember my mother had always told me I was born the day after Prince Andrew and the day before the son of Reza Pahlavi… or the other way round… and that was how I got my middle name… which means Master or King… not that it made any difference for me either way… as I had always felt royal anyway… come what may…

And then one day in my fifties… without any particular reason here to see… I went and checked on their birthdates jus to see… to find they are nowhere near my birthdate and months apart… I felt the red carpet pulled right out from under my feet… I had to step down from my throne… but what with the name ?

My mother will never be able to tell me now… but she was never a practical joker…


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Rédigé par Jesse CRAIGNOU

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