Spinster Stories - Three Melon Dream

Publié le 24 Février 2016

From the beginning of our long relationship my ex had this recurring dream of having to choose between three melons… and not being able to make up his mind…

Having studied sleep and dreams I told him that a melon is round, soft and sweet as love… and like greed… as he was greedy… and that the three melons represented his sister he couldn’t live without, his ex he secretly missed, and me he couldn’t live with or without… the dream came round and round again in his nights and in our life… as our relationship was deteriorating… precisely because of his being unable to choose…

Until the day he decided to take a break from us… and I decided I wasn’t going back to him… and wished him sweet melon dreams… as I hope I had made his choice easier…


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Rédigé par Jesse CRAIGNOU

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