A good idea of what a lousy Client Service can(not) offer...

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Hi ! Why is it SO difficult to remove connections ? I have to do it at least twice... and have got better things to do... Tx

SUN 15:33

Hi Jesse, we're sorry to hear you're having issues with removing connections. You shouldn't have to do so twice.

If you're still experiencing this issue, can you email examples to us at https://help.linkedin.com/app/ask/path/ so our support team can look into this further? Thanks!



SUN 19:27

I'm afraid this is NO HELP at all !

I know how to remove contacts... my problem is LI doesn't remove them !

Were you able to submit a ticket at the link previously provided? If so, what's your ticket number?

Fortunately ! For the rest is useless...

What's your ticket number?

Haven't noticed one...

Might have missed it...

No worries, we can look it up using your email address. Can we get that instead?


Thanks !

I see we've received your ticket, however to further troubleshoot this, we'll need specific details.

Can you explain how you're removing connections including the steps you're taking, any error messages you receive, the name of the contacts you're having issues with as well as any browsers you've tried.

On my contacts page... I remove them...

Confirming a total waste of time !!!

I have spent two days doing exactly this ! I don't need another reminder of HOW TO...

I'm reporting that it still doesn't work ! Is that so hard to understand ?

You can expect to hear back via email. Thanks for your patience.

Don't bother copying and pasting your 'help(less)' pages... check your site...

Chat conversation end

Just after this I received an email from LinkedIn with all the steps of ‘How To Remove Contacts’ !

There is really no limit to the stupidity and inefficiency of those people… supposed to help members and clients !


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