W&M - Daft Punk (Beg – PI) – Around The World One More Time

Publié le 25 Novembre 2015

Songs for English lessons
Songs for English lessons

Daft Punk (Beg – PI) – Around The World One More Time

First given the brush off by a British journalist –who did not know he was to give them their new name- the French post-funk duo has become famous for their disco beat songs centered around the techno world…

Daft Punk were selected to write the musical score of the sequel to the legendary Disney blockbuster TRON and their song Technologic is the music to the British Tech Show programme.

Their songs are based on a basic beat and vocabulary ideal from the beginner up.

They sing in a clear articulate fashion easy to understand and follow.

My track selection includes

  1. On / Off from Human After All
  2. WDPK 83. 7 FM from Homework
  3. The Brainwasher from Human After All
  4. Make Love from Human After All
  5. Around the World from Discovery
  6. Robot Rock from Human After All
  7. Oh Yeah from Homework
  8. Superheroes from Discovery
  9. High Fidelity from Homework
  10. Human After All from Human After All
  11. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger from Homework
  12. One More Time from Homework
  13. Television Rules The Nation from Human After All
  14. The Prime Time Of Your Life from Human After All
  15. Technologic from Human After All
  16. Steam Machine from Human After All
  17. Too Long from Discovery
  18. Revolution 909 from Homework
  19. Something About Us from Discovery
  20. Digital Love from Discovery
  21. Face To Face from Discovery
  22. On / Off from Human After All


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