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Publié le 24 Novembre 2015

Short stories for English readers
Short stories for English readers

Ordinary lives are nothing short of the extraordinary…

Chronicles For English continues the series started with Stories For English and More Stories For English in a read and learn, read and practice, read and study way…

Chronicles For English provides interesting and challenging reading material for English teachers and students… a collection of short stories with a pedagogical aim in mind… and they all have an element of truth in the beginning and in the end… stories that will take you beyond the facts and the fiction… to entertain you while exercising both your imagination and your command of English…


Adele Deep

Alana Love


Farhad And Anna


History Well


Jenny Come Jenny Go


Leaves Blower

Leyla Saeydeh

The Meditation Of The Glass

Mimi’s Love

New Land – Haderashi Hitochi

Off To Germany !

Patricia The Stripper

Short Cut

Travel Mate

Yasmina’s Secret


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